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Free People Search Services

Internet People Search Engines and Online Investigation Tools: Use the tools below to either search for an individual's email address, cell phone number or postal mailing address.

Free access to telephone directories and white pages for quickly finding contact information on just about anyone.  Plus reverse phone lookup, email search, international white pages and other searchable directory information. All the essential people finder tools and resources that you need.

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  • Find Classmates and Old Friends With our comprehensive registry of alumni from thousands of schools, you can search for old classmates that you have lost touch with. We are proud to offer a list of school reunions to be held soon and an online people finder for private colleges, public universities, prep schools and high schools from all over the world. Over 159,000 schools listed!
  • Online People Searches are available to for anyone to investigate various internet databases to locate someone you need to find.
  • Instant Detective Kit - Investigate Anyone! Instantly perform your own online investigations on your employees, rental tenant, neighbors, or love interest. Check criminal history and driving records, lookup unlisted phone numbers, trace cell numbers and much more!

AT&T White Pages. Find individuals and businesses anywhere in the U.S.A. and Canada using our assortment of people search tools, reverse cell phone lookup, email lookup and more.

AnyWho - Reverse Phone Lookup

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  • Who are you really dating? We can help you with identity verification and confirm home address and marital status before you take the next step with a new relationship or romance.
  • Search Public Records, tax records, criminal history and court documents to find out the facts about anyone!
  • Expert People Locator Service provides in-depth, professional investigative service. Our investigators will search our extensive network of public record databases, the Department of Corrections, state court records, property databases and a national eviction and foreclosure checks. Receive a complete individual report with current and previous mailing address information, close relatives, past roommates, bankruptcy filings, court cases, property ownership, social security number validition, criminal history and employment verification.
InfoUSA provides a searchable record database with details for 210 million consumers and 13 million businesses. Strictly US resident and business information available.

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Yahoo Phone Search Yahoo Email Search WhoWhere

Online directory of residential and business listings with data provided by Acxiom. Search by full name or cell phone number.

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Search Bigfoot for someone's email address or mailing address.

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Search the SmartPages White Pages - local white page directories compiled by Southwestern Bell, Verizon, Pacific Bell, Sprint, Nevada Bell, SNET and Ameritech.

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Search International White Pages Reverse Phone Search

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if you want to know the name behind the phone number:
 411 Locate

Social Security Record Search:
 SSN Death Index
 SSN Number Validation
 SSN State Lookup

If you cannot find someone using the free people search engines provided, then we recommend the following PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE SEARCH SERVICES

More Search Engines: Free genealogy search to track down your family tree and find your ancestry.
yellow pages search nationwide yellow pages directory and search engine.

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